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Bath forges new media partnership with Ronati

Bath Decorative Antiques Fair is delighted to work with Ronati as part of an ongoing media partnership with this exciting company. 

We believe our exhibitors and dealers in our wider network can benefit from Ronati innovative tech products, including the eCommerce Manager, which are designed to make life easier for antiques dealer



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Ronati is delighted to support the Bath Decorative Antiques Fair. It’s an exceptional event whose organisers share our priorities of ensuring that dealers get the best opportunities to present the most desirable art, antiques, and collectibles to a deserving public.

We are focused on helping dealers sell more easily online with the Ronati eCommerce Manager (eCM). Developed with dealers, for dealers, the eCM is a single location where they can post, edit, and track their stock online and offline in a fraction of the time.

The eCM makes it much easier for dealers to put more beautiful objects online and increase their reach to qualified buyers. Dealers can also keep their stock much more up to date, allowing them to remove sold items from display more quickly, so buyers are not disappointed.

What’s good for dealers is also good for the online platforms they sell on. Quicker and easier uploads mean a higher turnover of items and more exciting updates all the time – a more enticing prospect for buyers as they get to see new pieces more frequently.

As well as working with a large number of dealers, Ronati has established partnerships with some of the leading online platforms in the market, including LAPADA, The Decorative Collective, Hoarde Vintage,, and 2Covet.

As dealers start to sell more items online, their success provides them with more opportunities to take part in live events like the Bath Decorative Antiques Fair – we love that. As art and antiques fans and collectors ourselves, we know that meeting people face to face and being able to look at and hold wonderful objects is what’s it’s all about in the end. And if we’re able to play a part in making that happen, we couldn’t be happier. Enjoy the fair!

For more information or a live demonstration, please contact: 

Tommy Dehouck - 0808 169 2399 



The Pavilion, Bath BA2 4EU
31 March - 3 April 2022